Solar Helicopter Fragrant Kaoru, Car and Home Deodorizer, Toy Decoration, Zinc Alloy Manufacturing, Apply to for Home Office Travel Vehicle

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Color: Tyrant Gold


  • 【Solar kinetic energy】- Solar powered spin, low light turns. Rotating wind force, circulating fragrance, fragrance full of cars.
  • 【Innovative Design】- The interesting solar fan blades rotate automatically under the sunshine to accelerate the diffusion of the aroma. It is suitable for a variety of occasions. No matter it use inside the car,under the windshield window or at home.
  • 【Improve Air Quality】- Also as an Fragrant Kaoru, our air fresheners come wtih a aroma ring that improves air quality and keeps the air fresh,feel like in nature. Giving you a good mood everyday.
  • 【Made of Harmless Materia】- The scent ring is made of harmless material, no water,no alcoholic, no electricity to avoid any risk for you. Put it into the solar air diffuser correctly, the aroma will automatically come out. Available to pregnant women and babies.
  • 【Easy to install】- Metal enclosure with solar technology, air freshner made of zinc alloy with solar fan blade robust and easy to install. When the smell of the original pad becomes weak, you can refill the pad with your favorite aromatic oil. You don't need to buy a new car air freshener. A recyclable recycling method.

Part Number: XR0088000017-Tyrant Gold

Details: 【Product parameters】 [Product Specifications]: 125*46*60mm [Product material]: Zinc alloy [Product Style]: Space silver, Tech black, Tyrant Gold [Applicable products]: car decoration, office and home accessories, etc. 【friendly reminder】 1. Adhesive You can use double-sided adhesive, but the double-sided adhesive will leave marks, and there will be marks after washing. So it is not recommended to use, but you can also use non-slip stickers, this is no trace, but it will not be fixed 100%. 2. Use non-slip stickers It can make the car decoration not shake, but it can't be fixed. It only plays a role of anti-skid, and can help the owner fix the car decoration. Tear off the surface of the plastic paper, one side is attached to the article, and the other side is attached to the position that needs to be fixed. Press it harder to paste it more documentary. The location of the car decoration. Don't ignore safety in order to place mascots. When placing it, you should consider the sight, and don't neglect the sight of the rearview mirror and rearview mirror. Hanging auspicious ornaments is meant to be auspicious and safe, and auspiciousness must be based on safety. Harmonious coexistence between people and cars is good.

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